New Moreland & Arbuckle Album is Complete!

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Thank you everyone. 254 of you helped us come together and make nearly $2000 over our goal. We will keep you all apprised as things start to unfold. THANKS 13,815 times !!




We are lucky musicians to have been given all the great opportunities that we have had over the past 13 years of playing together. Back in 2002, we started as a couple of guys in Wichita who had a love of old blues. We had no business savvy, no idea how to run a band, or navigate the world outside of our small microcosm. But through lots of hard work, some big breaks, and great fans, we have managed to carve out a modest living playing music.


Moreland & Arbuckle started because of a shared vision of the kind of music we wanted to make. Luckily, that is still the case today. 


We started touring regularly in 2006 and since then we have literally seen the world. Having played 20 countries on 3 different continents is something neither one of us ever imagined would transpire for these small town Kansas kids. We've been invited to play some of the most prestigious venues and festivals in the world. In 2008, we had the privilege to play for the troops serving our country in Iraq and Kuwait. These have been some truly amazing experiences.


We work very hard at the business of playing music. It is an incredibly rewarding career path in many ways, but can also be a very challenging path to navigate.


Here's the DEAL: The Album is DONE. we are not asking for help to make the record.


We just spent the past 2 weeks recording in Omaha at ARC Studios. We budgeted the price of a nice car to ensure that we had enough money to make the best record of our careers. So, that part is done. We have paid for the entire process of recording, mixing, mastering, etc. out of our own pocket.




We are asking for help in other areas. For example:


  • PR or Public Relations is extremely important and costly. Having a good publicist to help promote the album could make a BIG difference in our chances of getting things like features on NPR shows, reviews in publications like Rolling Stone, and even TV appearances if we're lucky. This is an enormous part of creating a buzz and getting the word out.
  • Another important factor in today's social media savvy world is having cool music videos. Think about how many people find out about new things through videos their friends post on social media. As with our past few albums, our goal is to create at least a few great new videos to that will help us get the attention of new people who might be interested in our music. 
  • We are huge vinyl fans and know that many of our fans share that love. We now release ALL of our albums on vinyl. The additional mastering, packaging, and pressing is yet another costly expense.

The list goes on, but...




We have just completed our 7th album. This was the second time that we have collaborated with highly regarded producer, Matt Bayles. We believe that our future is brighter than ever, and we ask that YOU help us continue on this journey we started all the way back in 2002. THANK YOU ALL.


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Upcoming Shows

  • 05/02/2015
    Round Barn Blues - Kirksville,, MO
  • 05/07/2015
    Curacao International Blueseas Festival - Willemstad,,
  • 05/24/2015
    Chautauqua Hills Blues Festival - Sedan,, KS

Critical Acclaim for 7 Cities


"7 Cities is a rootsy album full of real substance and spark that creeps into your subconscious and stays there. The memorable songs and the integral mix of words and music draws you back to a great album that reveals more with each play. Roots rock never sounded so essential. ~ get ready to ROCK!


"7 Cities is easily Moreland & Arbuckle's most compelling and ambitious effort. Though many bands evolve, few grow while doing it, and fewer still raise the creativity bar the way this band has."  ~ AllMusic Guide, 4 1/2 Stars


"...damn great sounding record."  ~ Something Else! Reviews


“…gritty, swampy blues, with a thoroughly contemporary bite.”  ~ WNYC Soundcheck


“On 7 Cities,” Moreland & Arbuckle create this legendary tale in convincing fashion with hypnotic rhythms, inventive lyrics, earthy vocals and the addition of Newby’s superb timekeeping.” ~ Metronome Magazine


“Filled to overflowing with guitar and percussion soaked rock, country twang and low slung blues, 7 Cities is proof that Moreland & Arbuckle have yet again hit the listener right between the eyes.” ~ World Music Central


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